Project Details

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  • Surface Area

    2304 m2

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Project Description

In this contract, we deal the services thru Contract Release Purchase Orders for buildings and facilities located at all WRDD Area such as Jeddah, Rabigh, Najran, Jizan, Tabuk, Duba, Yanbu etc. Structural types of these buildings are combination of concrete and steel.These work requests from the Proponent which is done thru Contract Release Purchase Order categorized by Routine PM01, Preventive PM02, Minor Maintenance PM04, Upgrade/renovation/construction PM05 & PM07 Provide sufficient manpower and tools and equipment and materials to complete the work.Under this contract, we also did various activities consisting of trees removal/disposal, grass, sweeping/cleaning, excavations and, marl, debris, spoil, fill materials, asphalt work, fencing, signage, concrete/masonry, roofing, insulating, carpentry, tiling plumbing/piping, steel structure, service preparation, painting, , asphalting and road repair, road marking, electrical, grounding/CP, and other construction and repair activities .