Project Details

  • Construction Date

    Tuesday July 10th, 2018

Project Description

This project that we had constructed was on a 100,000 square meter of land located in Yanbu Industrial area for a cable factory. The works are as follows:

– Construction of concrete structure, main admin building and sub buildings.

– Construction of concrete perimeter fence.

– Road Asphalting development work .

– Street Light installation associated with underground power cables.

– Sites and roads grading,

– Initial and permanent asphalt pavements,

– Water and sanitary sewer distribution systems, Grading and planting of public parks

– Walkways, curbs and gutters.

– Primary and secondary electrical distribution system

– Telephone distribution system

– Streets and parks lighting

– Construction of Electrical Substations

– Laying of Cable for the Power distribution grids

– Installation of 34.5KV primary 380/220 Volts secondary 3 phase, 60 Hz. transformers

– Main distribution Feeder associated with circuit breakers and other electrical instrumentation.

– Installation of A/C Packages.

List Of Projects :

  • Construction of Al-Mowthoqia  Sub Station Makkah
  • Construction of Building for National Guards & Security Guards @ Shoeba Power Plant
  • Saudi Electricity Company Operation and Maintenance building at Makkah
  • Saudi Electricity Company construction of Central Workshop at Jeddah